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Motor Vehicle Information

The Galveston County Tax Office provides registration and titling services for nearly 300,000 vehicles on behalf of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Proof of Texas liability insurance is required to renew a registration sticker.  When mailing (or leaving in one of our drop boxes located outside each office), please write your Texas drivers license number on the check and include a copy of your proof of insurance.


In 2009, the Legislature approved a measure to standardize registration fees all are based on vehicle weight rather than age.  More than 1,600 different registration fees were consolidated into ten groups with only one variable fee for trucks in excess of 80,000 lbs.  Beginning in August 2011, DMV registration renewal notices will reflect the new fees. 

Registration fees for passenger vehicles will now be based on weight rather than age and all passenger vehicles and light trucks (6,000 lbs or less) being charged a base fee of $50.75.  All trailers up to 6,000 lbs will all be charged a base flat fee of $45.00.  A complete fee schedule is included below:

                Passenger and Light Truck (up to 6,000 lb):

                              State Base Fee                                                                                 $50.75

                              DPS Insurance Fee                                                                               1.00

                              Automation Fee                                                                                    1.00 

                              County Road and Bridge Fund                                                            +10.00


                Trailers (up to 6,000 lb)                                                                                           

                              State Base Fee                                                                                 $45.00

                              DPS Insurance Fee                                                                               1.00

                              Automation Fee                                                                                    1.00

                              County Road and Bridge Fund                                                            +10.00



                Trucks Classified by Weight:

                              Weight                         Base Fee                  Local Fees                         Total Registration Fee

                          6,001 10,000                 $  54.00                    $12.00                                   $66.00

                        10,001 18,000                 $110.00                     $12.00                                 $122.00

                        18,001 25,999                 $205.00                     $12.00                                 $217.00

                        26,000 40,000                 $340.00                     $12.00                                 $352.00

                        40,001 54,999                 $534.00                     $12.00                                 $546.00

                        55,000 70,000                 $740.00                     $12.00                                 $755.00

                        70,001 80,000                 $840.00                     $12.00                                 $852.00

                        Over 80,000                            Varies                  $12.00                                    Varies

You may renew online by clicking on the Renew Your Vehicle Registration Online link as long as your registration has not expired. You may also visit any of our offices for your sticker or drop the renewal along with proof of insurance in any of our drop boxes. Online renewals and renewals left in drop boxes are processed within three to five days working days.   For additional information, please contact our office at (409) 766-2485, toll free at 1-877-766-2284 or send an email to

We look forward to serving you!
Cheryl E. Johnson, RTA, Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector