The Galveston County Sheriff's Office training division provides in-service training to Sheriff's office employees and surrounding law enforcement agencies.

Mission Statement

"The Training Division of the Galveston County Sheriff's Office strives to bring all officers, regardless of agency, the necessary courses for license maintenance and furtherance of careers. We have a great team of highly-trained, TCLEOSE certified instructors who meet law enforcement and correctional training needs with enthusiasm and experience. Training opportunities are offered not only in mandated and certificate courses, but also in a wide array of subjects, each beneficial to expanding the knowledge required to be successful in the law enforcement career chosen."


Beginning September 1, 2013, the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office will only provide training to those certified peace officers who are commissioned with a law enforcement agency.  We may ask that students provide department credentials prior to the beginning of any classes.

Upcoming Courses
2029 PATC Practical Kinesic Interview and Interrogation Phase I and II (40 hrs)
Description:Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation® is a training program that teaches multi-phase behavioral analysis and tactical interrogation methods using advanced kinesic interview and interrogation theories. The course is designed to help interviewers maximize their ability to gain valuable information as quickly and efficiently as possible. The two phases encompassing all the courses that make up Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation® training programs includes the Practical Kinesic Analysis Phase and the Tactical Interrogation Phase.
Notes: Host class. To register copy and paste the web address in your window based web brower.
Start Date: 12/12/2016Time: 8:00:00 AM
End Date: 12/16/2016Time: 5:00:00 PM
Seats: 50 Max
Location: GCSO Joe Max Taylor Building - Large Training Room
Instructor: PATC Stan Walters

GCSO Annual Firearms Qualifications
Description:Annual Firearms Qualification for GCSO Peace Officers
Notes: For Retired Texas Peace Officer or Federal Agent Firearms Qualification contact Cpl. Lucio Martinez at prior to the scheduled qualification date.
Start Date: 12/16/2016Time: 12:00:00 PM
End Date: 12/16/2016Time: 8:00:00 PM
Location: College of the Mainland Firearms Range, Texas City
Instructor: GCSO Firearms Instructors

3702 Field Training Officer ( 24 hrs)
Description:This course teaches how to provide supervised field training for new recruits in any law enforcement discipline. The goal is to transition the recruit from a classroom setting to an actual hands-on assignment. The course includes training in instructional techniques, coaching and evaluation, remedial training and record keeping. The course is designed to provide training guidance and training aspects to future Field Training Officers in the area of law enforcement, including peace officers, jailers, telecommunication operators, correction officers, public service officers, etc. This course also introduces and teaches the student the History and Purpose of Field Training, Training Methodologies and Techniques, Counseling, the Evaluation Process, and the importance of Documentation. Each student must demonstrate (evaluated at the end of the course) the basic knowledge required to effectively apply all applications of the training.
Notes: To register for the course contact Amber Burns at 409-763-7594 or
Start Date: 12/20/2016Time: 8:00:00 AM
End Date: 12/22/2016Time: 5:00:00 PM
Seats: 20 Max
Location: GCSO Joe Max Taylor Building - Large Training Room
Instructor: Sgt. Michael Bell

8813 Below 100 Train-theTrainer (8 hrs)
Description:Enough is enough! Take Action. Be the change! This 8 hour train-the-trainer course covers the real facts of how line-of-duty deaths are occurring across the country and what can be done to address the problem. It was created by cops, for cops and is delivered by a group of impassioned instructors who truly embrace the principle of predictable is preventable. Join the departments across the country who have found the simple, straight-forward message of Below 100 to improve their officer safety and morale while decreasing liability exposure. At the conclusion of this training day, you will be able to take what you have learned back to your departments and be an agent of change by presenting this material to your area. This train-the-trainer course will equip you to take a look at your organization and effectuate change by: examining policy and making changes if necessary, presenting the Below 100 curriculum to your agency, and provide increased awareness in the form of posters and articles that continually reinforce the message. Mission: Reduce line of duty deaths to fewer than 100 per year (not seen since 1943). Vision Eliminate preventable line-of-duty deaths and serious injuries with common-sense training designed to focus on areas under an officer's control. Values Honor the fallen by training the living. Service before self. The 5 tenents: Wear your belt Wear your vest Watch your speed WIN-What's Important Now? Remember, complacency kills!
Notes: To register for the course contact Amber Burns at 409-763-7594 or
Start Date: 1/11/2017Time: 8:00:00 AM
End Date: 1/11/2017Time: 5:00:00 PM
Seats: 50 Max
Location: GCSO Joe Max Taylor Building - Large Training Room
Instructor: Lt. Craig Gripentrog, Williamson County Sheriff's Office

3027 PATC Verbal De-escalation: Reducing Use of Force in Police-Citizen Encounters (16 hrs)
Description:Verbal de-escalation training provides law enforcement officers with crucial communication skills that help officers defuse volatile situations. Officers learn to safely and professionally handle verbal confrontations, while maintaining control of the situation. When hostile verbal encounters escalate to the point where officers use physical intervention, officers are subject to criticism, especially when it is determined that they did not employ de-escalation techniques. Officer-citizen encounters are under enhanced scrutiny and negative incidents are endlessly replayed on social media and news outlets. Law enforcement agencies are expected to better prepare officers to diffuse these verbal altercations without resorting to physical methods, and verbal de-escalation training is fast becoming a standard requirement in professional departments. Implementing de-escalation strategies empowers officers to tone down some incidents that might otherwise escalate into violence - averting these potentially violent encounters is good for officer safety and community safety, and enhances the agency’s credibility and reputation for professionalism. This course equips officers with the knowledge and skills they need to recognize turning points in officer-citizen encounters, and it helps them reduce incidents of physical force by preparing them with alternative techniques designed to de-escalate verbal confrontations
Notes: Host course. Click on the link for more information and registration
Start Date: 1/11/2017Time: 8:00:00 AM
End Date: 1/12/2017Time: 5:00:00 PM
Seats: 50 Max
Location: GCSO Joe Max Taylor Building - Large Training Room
Instructor: Pam McDonald, PATC

3031 PATC Hiring and Background Investigation (20 hrs)
Description:The hiring process of a person seeking a career in law enforcement is a complex process with the ultimate goal of selecting the most qualified candidate who meets the standards of conduct as set by the agency. The process must be objective, consistent and equally applied to all candidates. In addition, the process must be compliant with all applicable Federal, state and Local laws as they apply to the hiring of a law enforcement officer. Included in this multi-faceted process is the recruitment stage, the applicant stage, the testing stage, the oral interview stage, the background investigation stage, the medical and psychological testing stage, the polygraph stage (if allowed by local law), the oral interview stage and finally the hiring stage. All of these stages involve some type of screening, interviewing and information processing. Agency members who participate in all of the phases necessary to complete the mission of hiring the most qualified individual as a law enforcement officer must document not only their qualifications to participate in the process, but must also document all of the information involved in the hiring process. This “process” cannot operate in a vacuum and must include supervisory oversight at all points in order to ensure the integrity of the process, as well as, enhancing the agency’s ability to attract, hire and retain quality candidates.
Notes: Host course. Click on the link for more information and registration
Start Date: 1/17/2017Time: 8:00:00 AM
End Date: 1/19/2017Time: 12:00:00 PM
Seats: 50 Max
Location: GCSO Joe Max Taylor Building - Large Training Room
Instructor: Dan Sosnowski, PATC

3312 ALERRT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (4 hrs)
Description:Law enforcement officers and agencies are frequently requested by schools, businesses, and community members for direction and presentations on what they should do if confronted with an active shooter event. The Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) course, designed and built on the Avoid, Deny, Defend strategy developed by ALERRT in 2004, provides strategies, guidance and a proven plan for surviving an active shooter event. Topics include the history and prevalence of active shooter events, the role of professional guardians, civilian response options, medical issues, and drills. Participants in this four hour Train-the-Trainer course will receive a manual and Power Point presentation suitable for use in their own presentations.
Notes: To register for the course contact Amber Burns at 409-763-7594 or or
Start Date: 1/20/2017Time: 8:00:00 AM
End Date: 1/20/2017Time: 12:00:00 PM
Seats: 75-100
Location: Mid-County Annex, 9850 Emmett F. Lowry Expressway Building A Texas City, TX 77591
Instructor: ALERRT Instructors

4067 Trauma Affecting Veterans (24 hrs)
Description:This course aims to provide a framework for Law Enforcement Officers, Jailers, and Telecommunicators to have a basic understanding about US Military culture, traumas, triggers and stressors, and de-escalation techniques when encountering Veterans in crisis. The course is structured around 16 hours of lecture, videos, and class dialogue and 8 hours of role playing, hands-on practice to build student confidence when encountering a US Veteran in crisis. The Trauma Affected Veteran course builds on the crisis intervention training techniques that were taught in the basic Peace Officer licensing academy.
Notes: To register for the course contact Amber Burns at 409-763-7594 or
Start Date: 1/24/2017Time: 8:00:00 AM
End Date: 1/26/2017Time: 5:00:00 PM
Seats: 30 Max
Location: GCSO Joe Max Taylor Building - Large Training Room
Instructor: TBD

1017 Advanced Instructor Development (24 hrs)
Description:This course is designed to give Instructors the skills to build and present their material with memorable results. Everything matters from the moment your participant arrives to the time they depart. Attendees will learn and then put into practical application the use of specific backgrounds, sound bites, video clips, and transitions to draw their participants totally into the delivery of their presentation. (3-days / 24-hours) Topics: Based around the refinement of your PowerPoint presentation (tips and tricks, splash page, video & sound), Development of the Instructor Manual (separate from your Lesson Plan), and then combined with classroom Presentation Skill Building (your classroom presence). This is a very hands-on, intensive and interactive course and students should be prepared to do some work as homework. A laptop computer along with basic skills in MSWord and MS PowerPoint are a must!
Notes: Host course: Register at
Start Date: 4/10/2017Time: 8:00:00 AM
End Date: 4/12/2017Time: 5:00:00 PM
Seats: Limited
Location: GCSO Joe Max Taylor Building - Large Training Room
Instructor: Rick Whitehead & Associates

57115 Calibre Press Female Enforcers (8 hrs)
Description:Female Enforcers is a one-day course that addresses the 24/7 reality of working as a woman in law enforcement today. Instructed by a sworn female, this dynamic seminar will cover everything from gender advantages/disadvantages and training techniques to force encounters and trusting your instincts. It also touches on case law relevant to females in the workforce. Presenting skill sets designed to enhance the proficiency of female crime fighters mentally, physically, and tactically. This course is constantly evolving, incorporating current events and relevant supporting material that meet the professional needs of Law Enforcement. Topics discussed (but not limited to): • Current Events and Cultural Impact • Battling Bias & Misperceptions • Obstacles to Tactical Training • Equipment Issues • Use of Force options/differences • Physical and Emotional Health • The History of Women in Police Work • Managing a Male Dominated Culture • Discuss/Examine Female Officer Case Studies • Leadership and Mentoring
Notes: Host Course: Registration is through Calibre Press at
Start Date: 4/24/2017Time: 8:00:00 AM
End Date: 4/24/2017Time: 5:00:00 PM
Seats: 60-80
Location: San Luis Resort: WindJammer Room, 5222 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, Texas
Instructor: Linda King, Calibre Press

TCOLE Court Security Specialist Certification Training Classes (40 hrs)
Description:Completion of all classes will satisfy the training requirements necessary to apply for the Court Security Specialist Certification from TCOLE.
Notes: HOST Class. For more information and registration click on the link
Start Date: 5/12/2017Time: 8:00:00 AM
End Date: 5/17/2017Time: 5:00:00 PM
Seats: 30 Max
Location: Jury Assembly Room, GC Justice Center
Instructor: Randy Harris

3344 TASER X26, X2 & X26P Instructor Certification/Recertification Course
Description:: TASER X26, X26P and X2 Instructor certification - This course will certify you to instruct others on the use of the X26, X26P AND X2 TASER Conducted Electrical Weapons and is a prerequisite for all TASER CEW certifications. Please register at, click on the Training tab on the left then click on “Search upcoming classes”. If enrollment is completed properly, an email confirmation will be sent to the student(s). New certifications -complete the 4 hour online training block and attend BOTH days of the practical session. Re-certifications - complete the 8 hour online training block and attend the second listed practical date (Day 2 of the session).
Notes: Host Course. Registration will be opened after January 2017 through
Start Date: 7/18/2017Time: 8:00:00 AM
End Date: 7/19/2017Time: 5:00:00 PM
Seats: TBD
Location: Mid-County Annex, 9850 Emmett F. Lowry Expressway Building A Texas City, TX 77591
Instructor: Tim McCurley, Master Taser Instructor

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