Cheryl E. Johnson, RTA
Galveston County Tax Assessor/Collector
722 Moody Avenue, Galveston, Texas 77550
Toll Free (877) 766-2284 Fax (409) 766-2479

Sheryl Swift, RTA                              Chief Deputy of Business Services(409) 766-2474  

Chief Deputy of Operations             (409) 766-2487 

Rachael Crider RPA                         Chief Deputy Property Tax             (409) 766-2476 

Departments:       Accounting                                            (409)766-2344

    Administration                                         (877) 766-2284               

 Property Tax                                          (409) 766-2481

 Voter Registration                              Toll Free:                                                  (888) 976-2280                                       (409) 766-2280

 Branch Office Locations:               Open weekdays 8 am to 5 pm

 Galveston Courthouse
722 Moody Avenue
Galveston, TX

 North County Annex                              174 Calder Road                                  League City Tx                                       

Texas City Annex                             2516 Texas Avenue                              Texas City Tx

 West Count Annex                            11730 Highway 6                               Santa Fe Tx

Satellite Office Locations:

Friendswood City Hall                     910   S. Friendswood Drive                    Friendswood Tx

Galveston County Annex                     946 Noble Carl Road                         Crystal Beach Tx


New Resident Information
   Welcome to Galveston County! We are thrilled you have chosen to live in one of our communities. The Galveston County Tax Office provides a variety of services including motor vehicle registration (and titles), property tax payments, and voter registration. The information below is provided to assist you in the transition to our county.

Property Tax Collections

The Galveston Tax Office assesses, collects and disburses property taxes for 35 of 68 taxing entities in our county. Depending on where you live, it is possible that you will receive tax statements from multiple governments.

Property taxes in Texas are based on the January 1 market value of your property as determined by the county appraisal district (CAD). The CAD handles all ownership, exemption, and value information on your property. Under State law, we are not able to make a change to your property tax account without authorization by the CAD.

Each spring, the CAD issues notices of appraised value. You have until May 31st (or 30 days after the date of the notice whichever is later) to protest the value they have arrived at. Please see our booklet, Effectively Protesting Taxes.pdf at the Important Information link on our homepage for additional information on the protest process.

After the appraisal roll is certified, local governments adopt their budgets and tax rates. During the month of October, we produce tax statements and mail them to property owners and mortgage companies. If your property taxes are escrowed by your mortgage company, we will NOT send you a tax statement. Tax statements may be obtained (and taxes paid) online by going to our link County Tax Data Base Online.

Motor Vehicle Registration and Titling

GCTO provides registration and titling services for more than 250,000 motor vehicles on behalf of the Texas Department of Transportation. We provide the renewal services and TXDOT mails the annual registration renewal notices. Keep an eye on your windshield sticker just in case your renewal is not sent!

In order to register your vehicle in Texas, proof of Texas liability insurance or out-of- state liability insurance is required. If using out-of-state insurance, you must provide the declaration page of the policy.

Follow the steps below: 
  1. Have your vehicle inspected. You will need to show proof of liability insurance at the inspection station. Check your local telephone directory for locations in your area (Auto Inspection Stations). You must have your vehicle inspected in Galveston County in order to register it here
  2. Take the following to one of our offices listed on our homepage:
    A. Proof of insurance, title or registration in your name
    B. Current driver’s license (out-of-state)
    C. Vehicle inspection “green slip”

Vehicle fees are as follows (truck fees are based on gross vehicle weight and you must call our office for the appropriate amount of the fee):

                Passenger and Light Truck (up to 6,000 lb):

                              State Base Fee                                                                                 $50.75

                              DPS Insurance Fee                                                                               1.00

                              Automation Fee                                                                                    1.00 

                              County Road and Bridge Fund                                                            +10.00


                Trailers (up to 6,000 lb)                                                                                           

                              State Base Fee                                                                                 $45.00

                              DPS Insurance Fee                                                                               1.00

                              Automation Fee                                                                                    1.00

                              County Road and Bridge Fund                                                            +10.00



                Trucks Classified by Weight:

                              Weight                         Base Fee                  Local Fees                         Total Registration Fee

                          6,001 – 10,000                 $  54.00                    $12.00                                   $66.00

                        10,001 – 18,000                 $110.00                     $12.00                                 $122.00

                        18,001 – 25,999                 $205.00                     $12.00                                 $217.00

                        26,000 – 40,000                 $340.00                     $12.00                                 $352.00

                        40,001 – 54,999                 $534.00                     $12.00                                 $546.00

                        55,000 – 70,000                 $740.00                     $12.00                                 $755.00

                        70,001 – 80,000                 $840.00                     $12.00                                 $852.00

                        Over 80,000                            Varies                  $12.00                                    Varies

The following fees are in addition to those listed above for new-to-Texas vehicles:

New Resident Fee
Texas Title Application Fee
$90.00 per vehicle
$33.00 per vehicle

             *** In an effort to improve customer satisfaction, we accept out-of-state checks***

Obtaining a Texas Drivers License:
The Department of Public Safety (DPS) issues Texas driver’s licenses. You will need to take your proof of insurance, Texas registration receipt, and proof of Social Security number to any DPS office. DPS offices are listed below:

Galveston , 6812 Broadway (409) 740-0031
Texas City 1325 N. Amburn Rd.
Alvin 113 E. Sealy
Clear Lake 111 Tristar (SH3)
(409) 933-1130
(281) 585-4525
(281) 486-8351

Voter Registration

The Tax Assessor/Collector serves as Voter Registrar for the County. Our Voter Registration Department is located in our Galveston office; however, applications are available in each of our offices as well as online by clicking on the Voter Registration Information link.

Our office supports all elections held in Galveston County through the provision of poll books and telephone support for election workers. In addition, Volunteer Deputy Registrar training and programs on voter registration, voter participation, and citizenship are available upon request.
Cheryl E. Johnson, RTA
Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector