Cheryl E. Johnson, RTA
Galveston County Tax Assessor/Collector
722 Moody Avenue, Galveston, Texas 77550
Toll Free (877) 766-2284 Fax (409) 766-2479

Sheryl Swift, RTA                              Chief Deputy of Business Services(409) 766-2474  

Deborah Pimentel                                     Chief Deputy of Operations             (409) 766-2487 

Rachael Crider RPA                          Chief Deputy Property Tax             (409) 766-2476 

Departments:       Accounting                                            (409)766-2344

    Administration                                         (877) 766-2284               

 Property Tax                                          (409) 766-2481

 Voter Registration                              Toll Free:                                                  (888) 976-2280                                       (409) 766-2280

 Branch Office Locations:               Open weekdays 8 am to 5 pm

 Galveston Courthouse                           722 Moody Avenue                               Galveston Tx   

 North County Annex                              174 Calder Road                                  League City Tx                                       

Texas City Annex                             2516 Texas Avenue                              Texas City Tx

 West Count Annex                            11730 Highway 6                               Santa Fe Tx

Satellite Office Locations:

Friendswood City Hall                     910   S. Friendswood Drive                    Friendswood Tx

Galveston County Annex                     946 Noble Carl Road                         Crystal Beach Txx


Important Information Files

Effectively Protest Your Property Value Handbook

Property value reductions provide the most immediate tax relief.

Read more........2013 TaxProtestBooklet1.pdf   

2013 Neighborhood Comparison Worksheet4Office

Read more.........2013 Neighborhood Comparison Worksheet4Office1.xlsx

Quick Start Guide to the Texas Legislature

The Texas Legislature convenes the second Tuesday of January in odd number years and ends 140 days later (a "Session"). The legislative process is governed by the Constitution, State laws and rules of procedure of each house (adopted at the beginning of each Session).

Read more......General Legislative Information.pdf


What’s Up in Austin?

Participating in various activities at the Texas Capitol has been a common practice for me over the last nine years and this is no different. The 83rd Legislative Session is well underway and you should expect to see news on matters of great consequence in coming months such as health care, school funding and gun reform.

Read more......2013.83rd Legislative Session Activities1.pdf

Request For Voter Registration Information

Read more..........Request for Voter Information.pdf

2012 Planning Calendar

Read more.............2012 Planning Calendar

2012 Tax Rate Worksheet

Read more.............2012 Tax Rate Worksheet
Save the Dates to Lower the 2012 Tax Bill!

If your taxes are too high, it is likely because you missed the opportunity to protest your value lastyear and, unless there is an error on your account, it is too late to change that now,”

Read more....2012 Protest Class Schedule.pdf

Disaster Payments for Drought 2011

Several taxpayer relief provisions are available in the Texas Property Tax Code for property owners in counties that have been declared a disaster area.

Read more .........Disaster Payments for Drought 2011



Pay Half Now – Half Later with Split Pay!

Tax bills will be on their way to Galveston County property owners the end of October and a very important change has occurred. Galveston County Commissioners reinstated the split payment option which requires that one-half of your property taxes must be paid by November 30th in order to avoid penalty and interest on the second half which will not be due until June 30th.

Read more ...... 2011.PaymentOptions4Taxes.pdf


Split Payment Reminder

The August 1 deadline for Galveston County governments to opt out of the recently re-established split payment option by County Commissioners has passed and only four County Tax Office property tax collection customers have chosen not to participate – the City of Dickinson, Dickinson Independent School District, Galveston County MUD#12 (Bayou Vista) and Galveston College.

Read more.... Split Payment Reminder1.pdf


Grayson County Property Protest Info

If you believe the value of your property as determined by a county appraisal district (CAD) is more than what you could sell it for or is out of line with comparable properties in your neighborhood, you have the right to appeal each

Read more.............Grayson County Property Tax Protest Info.pdf

AG Complaint Form English

Attorney General of Texas                                                                       Consumer Complaint Form

· The information you report on this form will be used to help us investigate violations of consumer laws.
· The Attorney General's Office does not resolve individual consumer complaints
· This complaint and the information you provide are records open to the public under Texas Law.
· We may send a copy of this form to the Business, so please write legibly and use black ink only
· Please attach copies of any documents necessary to explain the transaction but do not send original documents
· The Attorney General's Office will contact you if additional information is needed.

Read more . . . (AG Complaint Form English.pdf)

AG Complaint Form Spanish

Procurador General De Texas                                       Formulario De Queja Pos Los Consumidores

Por favor entregue dos (2) fotocopias de este formulario y de cada documento relevante. No envídocumentos originales. Este formulario y los documentos que usted proporcione serán abiertis al público, conforme a la ley de Texas.

Le enviaremos una fotocopia de este formulario al negocio. Por favor escriba claramente, y use tinta negra solamente.

Read more . . . (AG Complaint Form Spanish.pdf)



COUNTY OF ______________________


Read more . . . (Acknowledgement of Signature on Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Gift Transfer.pdf)

Customers of the Galveston County Tax Office

Galveston County & Galveston County Road & Flood
Dickinson Independent School District
Galveston Independent School District
High Island Independent School District
Hitchcock Independent School District
La Marque Independent School District

Read more . . . (GCTO Tax Collection Customers.pdf)

Mail Fraud Report Form

Read more . . . (Mail Fraud Report Form.pdf)

Property Tax Request for Confidentiality

Confidentiality of home addresses of a peace officer, a county jailer, a security officer, an employee of Texas Department of Criminal Justice, a victim of family violence, an officer or employee of a community supervision and corrections department, a federal judge and a state judge. Under Section 25.025, Tax Code, if you are a peace officer, county jailer, commissioned security officer, employee of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, a victim of family violence, an officer or employee of a community supervision and corrections department, a federal judge or a state judge, you may request that information in the appraisal records identifying your home address be restricted from public access. By completing and submitting this form to the appraisal district, you are requesting the confidentiality of information identifying your home address. If you want to rescind this confidentiality request, you must do so in writing to the appraisal district.

Read more . . . (Property Tax Request for Confidentiality.pdf)


Requestor’s Name ______________________________________

Read more . . . (Voter Registration Public Information Request.pdf)

Voter Registration Request for Confidentiality

Pursuant to Section 552.1175 of the Government Code, if you are a peace officer, county jailer, current or former employee of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, or a commissioned security officer, you may request that information in the voter registration records identifying your home address, home telephone number, social security number, or whether you have relatives be restricted from public access.

Read more . . . (Voter Registration Request for Confidentiality.pdf)