Documents and Forms Available Online  
  Juvenile  Indigent Defense Plan By Board
  GC0       Texas Fair Defense Act
  GC0A     Guidelines for Award of Court Appointed Attorney's Fees, Investigation and Expert Witness Fees
  GC0B     ADDENDUM 1 Appeal of a Trial Court’s Disapproval of Requested Court Appointed Attorney’s Fee  
  GC1        Attorney Application for Indigent Defense
  GC2        Probable Cause Request
  GC3       Statutory Warnings by Magistrate  
  GC4       Waiver-Request Appointed Counsel
  GC5      Paupers Oath
  GC6      Appointment of Attorney
  GC7     Annual Certification of Attorney
  GC8     Defense Claim for Service or Expense
  GC9     Magistrate Order for Emergency Protection
  GC10    Accused Decline to be Interviewed
  GC11    Notice of Appointment
  GC12    Claim for Investigation or Expert Witness
  W9       Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certificate