Citizen Advisory Alert
February 10th 2000

Stand Up And Be Counted:

The United States Constitution mandates a census every 10 years. The Census Bureau, under the U.S. Department of Commerce, conducts a complete count of every resident in the nation making the census one of the largest and most complex undertakings in the nation's history.

The census not only affects where and how many U.S. Representatives each state is apportioned but it also affects the flow of funds for federal, state, and local programs and projects. State and local governments use the information to fund new schools, public buildings, highways, police
and fire departments. The census also helps businesses identify markets, trends, and customers. Businesses use the information to determine where to locate shopping centers, banks, movie theaters, etc. Your participation is therefore vital not only to ensure your representation in the U.S. Congress but also so your community receives government funds and attracts businesses and economic development. 

The Census Bureau can not share your answers with anyone. They can not give or sell your address to anyone. All census workers are sworn to secrecy. They face a fine and a 5-year prison term if they give out any information they see or hear. Your answers are combined with others and a statistical summary is then published. No one can connect your answers with your name or address.

It's easy to fill out the form. Answering the questionnaire will help your community. During Hurricane Andrew the Census Bureau was able to aid in the rescue by providing estimates of the total number of people in each block.

Stand up and be counted. Don't be left out - participate in the
census. It's important for our community.

The Technology Outreach Program Solves Business Problems with Space Technology - Free of Charge!

Launched in Clear Lake Area in November 1998, the Technology Outreach Program (TOP) is designed to speed the transfer of space technology into the private sector.

The TOP allows small businesses to receive up to 40 hours of free technical assistance from experts in the space and educational community. Interested business owners work with the TOP executive director in developing a "Request for Technical Assistance" that defines the problem and outlines steps already taken to resolve the problem.  Once the form is submitted and accepted, the TOP team evaluates the request and assigns a special project team that works with the business owners, searching through NASA's vast technical resources for a speedy solution.

Since its inception, the TOP has assisted multiple small businesses in various fields. One recent example locally is Aircraft Belts, Inc. (ABI), a Kemah-based company that is a worldwide leader in aircraft safety restraints. Through the TOP, ABI worked with NASA engineers who gave their technical expertise on how to safely and efficiently test the
aircraft seat belts manufactured and repaired by ABI.

The Technology Outreach Program is sponsored by NASA/Johnson Space Center, the Clear Lake Area Economic Development Foundation, 17 key aerospace contractors, as well as two community colleges, a university and the City of Houston.  

For more information on the TOP Contact Cathy Kramer
Ph 281-486-5535 Fax 281-486-5068

I'm planning a Town Hall Meeting in April or May with TOP so that many small businesses in Galveston County may take advantage of this outstanding program. If you know of anyone that might be interested, have them contact my office. 

Also early voting is Feb. 28th to March 10th and election day is March 14th. Early voting has moved in League City The County Annex at 174 Calder Rd. Check my page for locations and times.

These updates can also be viewed on the county's website:

174 Calder Rd., League City, TX 77573

If you know of any one that would like the Alert, please send me their name, address, phone #, and the fax # or email address.

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