Citizen Advisory Alert

Voting Precincts 
January 10th 2000

HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope you had a joyful and peaceful holiday season. I look forward to a productive year on Commissioners Court.

Commissioners Court recently subdivided voting precincts that exceed 4000 registered voters. We had two precincts in League City that were subdivided: one west of I-45 and the South Shore Harbour precinct. The changes to these two precincts caused many other precincts to be reconfigured. I am therefore alerting you that some County residents are going to vote in a different location on Election Day.

Three precincts west of I-45 were affected. Residents living in Brittany Lakes and Brittany Bay are in Precinct 455 and will vote at Ross Elementary School. Residents who live in Brittany Landing, The Landing, Claremont, and Oak Creek Colony are in Precinct 464 and will vote at Creekside Intermediate. Residents who live in Countryside North are in Precinct 463 and will vote at Hall Elementary.

On the East Side of town, five existing precincts were affected and one additional precinct was created (#479). Precinct 479 is the area east of Hwy 270, south of FM518, west of Meadow Parkway and north of Hewitt Road. The Precinct 479 voting location is the new intermediate school on Webster.

Precinct 470 is now the area east of Meadow Parkway, north of FM1266, east to the city limit line, and south of FM 518. Precinct 470 will vote at Hyde Elementary. Compass Rose subdivision and the South Shore Lakes apartments will also vote at Hyde Elementary. 

Precinct 452 (South Shore Harbour) will continue to vote at Ferguson Elementary School. The boundaries are the high-tension lines to the north, FM 2094 city limit line on the east, 518 to the south (except Compass Rose subdivision), South Shore Lakes and the High School property to the west.

Precinct 467 is the area east of Hwy 270 and north of FM 2094, as well as the area north of the high-tension line and south of FM 2094. Precinct 467 will vote at the 9th grade center.

Hwy 270 is the new east border for Precinct 453 north of Hewitt Road. Precinct 453 will continue to vote at the fire station.

Early voting has been moved from the League City Civic Center to the League City County Annex, 174 Calder Road. Early voting for all precincts in the County can take place at the Annex.

In Friendswood, we split Precinct 260 in half along Greenbriar. Everything west of Greenbriar is in Precinct 278.

In Santa Fe, we created Precinct 277, which was formerly the part of Precinct 227 south of Hwy 6. Now Precinct 227 includes portions of precinct 258 north of Hwy 6 and part of Precinct 228 east of FM 646 and south of the Gulf Coast Water Authority canal.

In Texas City, we moved the portion of Precinct 450 east of 23rd Street and south of 34th Avenue into Precinct 446.

In Galveston, we split Precinct 224 along 83rd Street. Everything  west of 83rd is now Precinct 276.

The lines may sound confusing, but they are easier to understand if you look at a map. We are working on a county map with the ability to bring up individual precinct maps; they will include the voting locations for both the Republican and Democrat Primaries on March 14th. Also included will be the places and times for early voting. We hope to have the maps available on my page of the county website by the end of January:

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Census 2000
January 27, 2000

League City Annex, 174 Calder Road

174 Calder Rd., League City, TX 77573