County Commissioner Ken Clark

Alert 16


I hope you had a peaceful & joyful Holiday Season.

There are several issues that I am going to be working on in the next
few months.

1.) The first is a legislative agenda, which includes beach issues,
county procedures, election issues, and indigent healthcare.

2.) Indigent healthcare: The Medical Task Force, which was set up by
Commissioners Court to study the indigent healthcare crisis, has
proposed that Galveston County institute a 1-cent sales tax to fund
indigent healthcare. The 1-cent county sales tax would collect $10 to
$14 million in revenue annually. This would be about a 10% increase in
overall county spending and an 81% increase in county healthcare
spending. However, the increase might be partially offset by ad valorem
property tax reduction. I would like to get your input about whether
you would support this proposal. Please email me and share your

3.) Redistricting of County Commissioner, Justice of the Peace & Constable precincts: The precinct lines will be re-drawn when detailed
census data is released in March. Redistricting should be completed by
the end of June. There will be more on this in an upcoming issue of the

4.) Bond Issue: Galveston County voters approved the proposed bond
issues on Nov. 7, 2000. There will be $35 million in new bonds for
roads, $93.6 million for facilities and $1.3 million for the Grand
Parkway. We will be looking at the local projects and hiring
consultants. We will be meeting with TxDOT at the end of January. We
want to work with TxDOT to get our state projects done in a more timely
fashion. By mid-April we should have the agreement in place with the
Grand Parkway Association to begin Phase 1 of that project. We are
beginning the process of building the new Jail/Justice Center, which
will take several years to complete. We will then upgrade our current
courthouse facility. We will make a number of decisions over the next 45
days to determine what course of action is best for the taxpayers.

Electoral College Experience
As many of you know, I was a member of the Electoral College
representing the 9th Congressional District on Dec 18th. It was a
memorable experience that I will not soon forget, especially because of
this year’s close count. The experience gave me a greater appreciation
of the Constitutional Republic that our founding fathers so wisely
designed and the difference one vote does make.

On January 18, Commissioners Court is hosting the first of a number of
Senior summits, the first in Texas City at the Nessler Center from 5 – 7
P.M. The summits are designed to get input from the public and our
local city officials on what the county’s seniors program does well or
could improve upon and what the program’s mission should be (such as
funding activities or using that money to feed more seniors). If you are
unable to attend but would like to have input through a written survey,
please contact me and I’ll get you a survey.

The 2nd Annual Clear Creek Clean-up
Date: February 24, 2001. Time: 8 A.M. – 4 P.M.
We will focus on tires and trash in and around Clear Creek. Food and
Drinks provided. Rain or Shine.
Everyone is needed. For more information visit or call 281-334-8929.

Please Update Your Contact Information
>From time to time, issues come up that are geographical, plus I would
like to know whom I am emailing. My email list is relatively large with
folks from all over. I would like to get names, addresses and telephone
numbers so that when I have an issue of particular geographical
interest, I will be able to get your input. If you would email this
information back to me by clicking on reply, I will be able to
communicate with you more effectively. Thanks!
Please forward this to a friend.

174 Calder Rd., League City, TX 77573
281-316-8745 fax 281-316-2000

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