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Alert 15


Vote Vote Vote!!!

This Alert is the the last one this year. It covers the results from
the questionnaire I sent out in August. It will follow this format; I will state the
question in the survey then below list the % that agree, disagree, or are undecided.

I would like to thank every one who responded, I received 364 responses.

Your input is important to me and greatly appreciated.

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know about or how I may be of service, please do not hesitate to call.
I can be reached at 281-316-1998.

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Remember- Election Day is Tuesday, from 7-7.

You are Cordially Invited to the Election Night Watch Party Tuesday November 7th 7 to ?? pm at the League City County Annex 174 Calder Rd., League City

National & Local Returns (with direct feed from County Courthouse)

May you have a blessed Holiday Season,


County Commissioner Ken Clark
Citizen Advisory Alert
November 7th, 2000

1. Galveston County should negotiate partnership agreements with local cities to avoid duplication of services.

90.63% Agree 6.06% Undecided 3.31% Disagree

2. Galveston County should privatize services when feasible.

76.31% Agree 14.6% Undecided 9.09% Disagree

3. If necessary, Galveston County services should be reduced to avoid a tax increase.

44.78% Agree 28.3% Undecided 26.92% Disagree

4. Galveston County should offer tax abatements to new businesses to encourage them to locate in the county.

56.91% Agree 14.09% Undecided 29.01% Disagree

5. Galveston County should increase funding for indigent health care, even if it requires a substantial tax increase.

18.11% Agree 19.78% Undecided 62.12% Disagree

6. Galveston County should fund preliminary studies for the future construction of the Grand Parkway loop through the county.

39.17% Agree 21.21% Undecided 39.67% Disagree

7. With overcrowding at critical levels, Galveston County should issue bonds for approximately $90 million for the construction of a new jail and courthouse, which would require a 10 percent increase in county property taxes.

30.66% Agree 15.75% Undecided 53.59% Disagree

8. Galveston County should expand local roads to keep up with growth, even if that requires the issuance of bonds and a moderate tax increase to make the bond payments.

60.39% Agree 13.57% Undecided 26.04% Disagree

9. Galveston County should spend $500,000 to pave roads in Walter Hall Park, a county park in League City.

16.62% Agree 14.13% Undecided 69.25% Disagree

10. Galveston County should support the development of subsidized housing projects within the county.

14.01% Agree 17.31% Undecided 68.68% Disagree

11. Galveston County should adopt a flex-time system for employees that would allow service related county offices to remain open some evenings and weekends.

82.14% Agree 9.07%Undecided 8.79% Disagree

12. Galveston County should allow county fees and taxes to be paid with a credit card over the internet.

68.87% Agree 19.56% Undecided 11.57% Disagree

13. The County Treasurer’s office should be abolished and its functions should be consolidated into other offices.

35.36% Agree 46.41% Undecided 18.23% Disagree

14. Galveston County's spending should be reduced, even if that means laying off staff and cutting overhead.

36.67% Agree 34.72% Undecided 28.61% Disagree

15. Galveston County should pass a “3 foot rule” and “no nudity” regulations governing existing sexually oriented businesses, even though the businesses may sue the county to challenge the rules.

52.07% Agree 11.85% Undecided 36.09% Disagree

16. Galveston County should adopt “Godly Principles” similar to those adopted by League City and Friendswood, even though the ACLU is threatening to sue League City over the issue.

49.86% Agree 10.19% Undecided 39.94% Disagree

17. The appraisal district has used fair and equitable standards in appraising property values in Galveston County.

50.55% Agree 23.63% Undecided 25.82% Disagree

18. Galveston County should provide taxpayer-funded recreational programs for senior citizens.

39.23% Agree 16.02% Undecided 44.75% Disagree

19. It was wise and proper for Galveston County to spend $837,000 to build a covered horse riding arena in Santa Fe.

4.99% Agree 18.28% Undecided 76.73% Disagree

20. Galveston County should support Texas City’s efforts to construct a mega-port.

50.55% Agree 23.63% Undecided 25.82% Disagree

If you have any questions regarding the bond election, don’t hesitate to call my office. Further details are also available on the web at

174 Calder Rd., League City, TX 77573
281-316-8745 fax 281-316-2000

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174 Calder Rd., League City, TX 77573
281-316-8745 fax 281-316-2000

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