Citizen Advisory Alert
December 14th 1999

Central Appraisal District Board

The Central Appraisal District Board has five members who serve two-year terms.  The CAD Board approves the annual budget for the Central Appraisal District and hires and fires the chief appraiser.  The Board also appoints the Appraisal Review Board, which hears appeals from citizens who contest their property appraisals.

This board is “elected” by the taxing entities that are members of the Central Appraisal District.   Each entity’s number of votes is based on the previous year’s tax levy.  There are 24 taxing entities plus smaller taxing entities that do not have full votes (i.e., M.U.D.s and water districts). There are a total of 5000 votes available.  It takes 834 votes to ensure election of one board member.

In the 1999 Session, the Texas Legislature changed the law that allowed only elected officials to serve on the Central Appraisal District Board.  This change permits non-elected officials to now serve on the Board, but the law does not go into effect until January 1, 2000.  This led some to believe that elected officials must be appointed this year because the actual election is November 15, 1999.  Others thought non-elected people could be appointed because they will be sworn in after January 1st.  Galveston County took the former position.

In light of the County’s position that elected officials must be appointed this year, I proposed and Commissioners Court nominated Larry Taylor to serve on the Board.  Larry was elected to the Friendswood City Council in May 1999.  Electing Larry would have put someone with fresh ideas on the CAD Board and would have been a good interim step until we could appoint non-elected officials.

I wanted to cast Galveston County’s votes for Larry Taylor.  Commissioners Court, however, voted to cast the county’s votes for Chuck Wilson.  I voted against that decision.  Chuck Wilson was elected to the CAD Board.  Larry Taylor was not.

This is the last Citizen Advisory Alert this year.  You will receive your next Alert in the new millennium.

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