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One of the key issues in the North County affecting Clear Lake Shores, Friendswood, Kemah, and League City is the property value increase. Countywide appraisals went up over $311 million, which represents a 3.04% increase or a $1.6 million tax for the county. In Clear Lake Shores, League City, Friendswood, and Kemah alone it went up over $298 million or $1.54 of the $1.6 tax increase.

 Below is an updated chart from the 1st Alert that reflects the value of new improvements* and the net taxable* increase or decrease of property tax values in Galveston County.

 City of

1999 New Improvements Certified Net Taxable

1999 Overall Certified Net Taxable Increase



+ $40,448,920

Texas City


- $91,637,122

La Marque


+ $6,982,442



- $3,895,158

Jamaica Beach


+ $2,702,069



+ $10,480,816



+ $105,518,050



+ $2,155,565

League City


+ $188,019,358

Clear Lake Shores


+ $3,075,507

Santa Fe


+ $23,421,068

Tiki Island


+ $16,447,360

Bayou Vista


+ $6,580,330

*Provided by the Galveston County Central Appraisal District

The Overall Certified chart above does not reflect the overall numbers. $241 million is still under review by the Appraisal Review Board. The County budgets 80% of this money.

My main focus during the past 2 months has been on the budget process. During the workshops I made several suggestions to hold the line on spending and not raise taxes. I want to cut elected officials’ salaries, reorganize departments to create efficiencies, and change work schedules to reduce overtime pay. I emphasized that we need to rethink services the county provides and ask if they are still needed.

With the increase of the tax burden being levied on individual taxpayers in the North County, I feel this should be sufficient to offset the increase in expenditures. Several commissioners have suggested a 2.5-cent tax increase. While I am adamantly opposed to this, I would be interested in your feelings and/or comments. Please email or fax your thoughts to me.

I am happy to report progress on several items discussed in the last issue. The County and League City and Kemah have entered into Interlocal Agreements, which will allow those cities to purchase goods at cheaper county rates, saving your tax dollars. Additionally FM 2094 is now in process and will take 2 years to complete. Also, TX DOT has approved a stoplight at the intersection of Highway 270 and Webster Street.

These updates can also be viewed on the County’s Website at:

Please mark your calendar for September 23rd.

I will have a Town Hall Meeting,

"County Budget Update" at the League City Annex at 7:00 PM.

Phone: 281.316.8745 - fax: 281-3.316-2000


174 Calder Rd., League City, TX 77573



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